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Rebranding (new site, new name, why?)

Ever had what you thought would be a great idea only to realize later that maybe it wasn't as great of an idea as you thought? Well thats never happened to me...every idea I have is great. Not exactly. When I first started getting into photography, more than 10 years ago, I was just happy to take photos. I would take photos and just put them on my personal Facebook page. That worked ok for a while, but then I thought to be legit, I need to sound legit, look legit. I need a name, a brand. So here comes my great idea. Four1 Productions.

The name meant something to me, I thought I could make dominoes to give out as my business card, it will be awesome! I never bought dominoes, people were just confused by the name, my own wife didn't know how to explain the name of my website. Was it 41 Productions, was it 4One Productions, was get the idea. But I was stuck with it but I hated it. You know like when you buy a new pair of shoes that you think you will love, then you wear them only to find out that you hate them. Only thing was I couldn't stick my brand, website and logo in my closet and just forget that I ever bought them. That is until now.

I finally got new shoes! Well a new name... Just go with what is simple, something people can my name. Thats why. I chose Laxton because I figured it would be easier for my wife to remember.