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If I have the opportunity to do a shoot with you something I will ask at some point is "what's your story?" I love stories and I always love to hear about what is happening in the lives of people. So instead of just having a blog where I put up photos and talk about the shoot I thought why not let the people I am shooting tell a bit of their story. So from time to time I am going to ask clients to share a bit of their story on my blog. So let me introduce Hope.

When we got started with her shoot she said "I am not very good at this." Obviously she was either lying or just underestimated her smile. Hope is one of the happiest people I when I asked her to write and tell a bit of her story she said "what do I write?" I asked "why do you smile so much?" So here is Hope and a bit of her story.

My high school experience has not been necessarily easy. I was pushed into living an adult life way sooner than the majority of my peers.

When I open up and tell my story, people seem shocked by my joy and peace filled presence, but it's all because of Him.

God has been faithful. His constant showering of blessings and small reminders of his fatherly love have prolonged my childlike faith.

The relationships, the memories of miracles, the providence for my needs, and the allowance for my passions to blossom are all because of Him.

It is not because I am good enough or deserving, but all because He loves me. I am amazed by His free flowing gifts of peace that have made my heart soft, even despite the pain.- Hope