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The Roby's- {parenting 101}

So I believe that in this space I am supposed to be writing about my shoot with the Roby's. As the reader you are supposed to act like you care as you read about what type of lens and what the sun was doing as I shot. But that's not what I am going to write about. I am gonna let you in on a secret about parenting instead.

This parenting ain't no joke. That's why its great to have friends like the Roby's. Our sons play on the same baseball team so we have shared countless weekends sitting in lawn chairs baking under the hot sun like a worm on blacktop. Not gonna lie, most of them time we are not talking about the meaning of life or who won best supporting actor last night, sometimes we don't even know what the score is, most of the time we are talking about our kids. Well, to be honest, we are talking about how we are just kind of making this parenting thing up as we go.

Like I said "it ain't no joke," that's one of the reasons I appreciate Angie and Travis so much. As a parent I need all the help I can get, but I am afraid my kids would be embarrassed if I wore a t-shirt around that said: "Parenting- Help Wanted." I believe our kids will become their best in a community and the Roby's are apart of our community. They have the type of kids that I want my kids to be around, and they are the type of friends that you can share triumphs and failures with no fear of judgement.

So Amy and I, Travis and Angie, we are doing this parenting thing together and we are just trying not to mess our kids up.

Oh, yeah and I took some pics of them.