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Olivia | different

I first met Olivia on a trip my wife and I took, with our church to New York City. Let me tell you that as much excitement, awe, and beauty that New York City has, we were more captivated by Olivia. She was chill, she smiled all the time, she loved on kids, her attitude was amazing...she was different. I knew nothing about her but I knew I wanted to know more about her story. So let me introduce Olivia to you there is so much more to her than just that big smile.

I've never liked school, and have always hated doing what everyone else was doing. So as I went through school, hating everyday of it, my mom did everything she could to make things easier. We tried public, then homeschooling, then private, then public school.

Once I reached high school, I decided to graduate early; little did I know this was the beginning of a long plan God had been weaving into my life since childhood. I began looking at gap years in eighth grade and had picked a camp I grew up and felt comfortable at

(Camp Peniel). That was MY PLAN, GODS PLAN came November 2015.

My mom suggested I try applying for YWAM (a discipleship training school with global outreach opportunities);I applied on a whim. I almost forgot that I had applied, then on the same day that I had a heartbreaking, life turning day...

I got an acceptance letter to YWAM. It was like God screamed at me, "I know the plans I have for you, and I am bigger than your valleys, stronger than your worst days, and I love you more than any one ever will and I will never reject you." (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:39, John 15:16, John 6:37)

I've been in complete pursuit of his plan ever since, I'd be crazy not to.

God swept me off my feet, he showed me the love of a Father, the acceptance of a Friend, the forgiveness of a Lord and gave me strength as my Savior.

I had to put this picture in this blog because if you have the privilege of spending any amount of time with Olivia, at some point, she is will make a crazy faces. You're amazing Olivia, praying for you and your next adventure.