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Mya {Head Case}

Let me introduce you to Mya. Her family is friends of ours from our Kansas City days. So when they asked if I could come to KC and so shoot her senior photos it was a no brainer. A chance to get to hang out with one of our favorite families and eat some KC BBQ. Yes, please! Her shoot was a blast, it was so good to get a chance to shoot in areas that I have not been around for several years. So this is Mya...she smiles a lot...and laughs a lot...thanks Mya!

My name is Mya Houdyshell. Everyone calls me Mya Houdy, everyone thinks it's Mya Houdy. I'm 17 and a senior, obviously. I don't know how to start this, but here we go.

I have gone through high school being an athletic trainer. Ya know the person that goes out on the field when the football player just got rammed so hard he can't even move…ya that's me. I didn't go through elementary school and middle school saying that I can't wait to be a trainer and touch feet all day. No, I went through thinking I was going to be a soccer player and run track just like any other kid, but my brain decided that's not something it wants. So instead I managed to get four concussions in a year and a half. Lemme give you the quick, not many details of how I got each one.

1. Got hit in the head with a discuss...ya that two-pound thing that you throw in track and field. There was a hole in the net & it hit me right above the ear. I blacked out & it hurt a lot. 2. I was playing football in P.E. and I jumped up & hit heads with another girl. I fell and hit my head against the gym floor. The school went on code yellow (it was on lockdown) because I was running around the hallways yelling and screaming thinking that people were running after me to "take me to jail” (instead of the nurse’s office). Yeah, I don't remember this.

3. I went out for the swim team, everyone thought this was a safe sport for me. It was the second day of practice and the girl swimming in the lane next to me did a flip turn, crossed into my lane and ran straight into my head first. Yeah, it hurt a lot also. 4. I was at church for youth group and we were playing a game. I had a partner and we swung me right into a pole. I was then rushed straight to the hospital.

Someone once told me that when Jesus was nailed to the cross he never once asked God "why me?”. That He just took the pain because it's in Gods' hands and He has a plan. So that is what keeps my head high. I have to replay that over and over again in my head, but it's what I have to do. I have to tell myself that everything is going to be okay. That's my story.