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Cheri {Wild Child}

When in Kansas City there are some givens for me. I am going to get a chance to see some old friends that I love, I am going to get some life changing BBQ and I know that I am going to get to shoot in some places that are a photographers dream. On my last trip what I didn't expect was to meet Cheri. Cheri tagged along with a friend of hers that I was shooting. Cheri jumped in some pictures with her friend and during her friends outfit changes I took some shots of Cheri. The images that came out where amazing, but after getting to know Cheri a bit, I can tell you that what was in her heart and soul was even better. I pretty much demanded that Cheri write down something about herself for my blog. So let me introduce you to Cheri.

My name is Cheri (pronounced Sherry). I'm a free spirited, loving, caring and most would say a bit of a wild child. I love music, some might say I have an odd or different taste in music, but being different is what I love about me.

Late at night, you'll find me with headphones listening to the band "Head and the Heart" or "Odesza" as I browse the web for interesting tattoos and pieces of art.

I like to stand out in the way I look & act. I know God created me to stand out.

Being unique is important to me because I know everyone was created perfectly & differently. So being unique and standing out makes me perfect in my own way. I want for people to not just talk to me and forget. I want to spark conversations with others by my odd lifestyle or personality. I want people to remember "I'm not your everyday girl!"

Being unique is not easy because I want to fit in, just like everyone else, but if I can just be me and stand for what I believe in my confidence will grow and standing out will be normal.