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I don't know how long I have known Miranda to be honest. I just remember talking to her one time and she began to talk about her passion. What it was that she loved to do. After that conversation I knew I needed to setup a shoot and that she needed to tell others about her passion. Meet Miranda.

My name is Miranda, I'm 17 years old and easily described as bubbly and energetic. Being outgoing has always been my most common identifier. Because of my personality, most people don't know I'm homeschooled. Being homeschooled since middle school has opened many doors to opportunities I never knew I could have.

My freshman year I began volunteering in the special needs ministry at my church and instantly fell in love with it. As soon as I turned 16 I got a job working there and then began nannying a special needs girl who stole my heart. Working with special needs kids has been the biggest part of my high school life and helped me find what I want to do with my life.

Without a doubt, I want to help others whether it be across the world in an orphanage or in my city and church. Serving special needs kids is where I found my true joy, and I believe that's very rare and special.

I'll be the first one to tell you my biggest struggle is impressing other people or caring what they think about me over my own opinion like many people do whether they like to admit it or not. Getting to work within the special needs community has been a huge blessing in feeling and teaching me a new level of complete acceptance and unconditional love.